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Capturing Lead Source Using UTM Fields

Question asked by ef21a0087529839afb8e461975be4167a52a0434 on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by Sanford Whiteman

I have been doing some research on this topic and wanted to validate that I am understanding correctly what needs to be done to capture lead source from a URL.


Do I need to create a field labeled: utm source?


Then append URL's with ?utm_source=website to capture the word "website" into the custom UTM Source field?


For example, my team posted a video to our website that is tracked by a munchkin tracking code.  I originally had our team append the URL with ?source=website but the information wasn't being transferred to the lead.  In doing some research it appears this isn't possible without putting a form on the page with a hidden field to capture this information.  So I am thinking the above may be the correct work around?


I appreciate any input on this topic.

Thank you!