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Blocked/Do Not Email List

Question asked by ef21a0087529839afb8e461975be4167a52a0434 on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2016 by ef21a0087529839afb8e461975be4167a52a0434

I am trying to create an all-encompassing smart list for our team to use in their programs to exclude leads in our system that we should not be trying to email.


I have created a list in our lead database with the following parameters to catch leads that meet any of the following:


1. Unsubscribed = True

2. Email Address = Is Empty

3. Email Invalid = True

4. Black Listed = True

5. Marketing Suspended = True

6. Email Suspended At = In Past 24 Hours


My questions are:


1. Does this strategy make sense?

2. Is there another way I should be setting up my smart list?


Thank you,