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How to handle unsubscribe with sales reps emailing customers

Question asked by aaad4281081a5563546b8be6de62abbdbd1d31dc on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Conor Fitzpatrick

Hello all,


I was curious as to what other companies are using as far as the unsubscribe process for their sales reps. Obviously it is easily to control and enforce the process with our marketing emails that are sent out of Marketo. However we have almost all of our sales reps using sales insight. I know that we can  add the unsubscribe link to the body of the sales insight templates but they are not added to the footer like regular Marketo emails. What about if a rep was sending out an email via Outlook that did not have the sales insight feature? Do you have your IT department add it to your companies footer? Just looking for suggestions and ideas other companies have implemented?


Thank you!