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    Issue in searching lead changes

      Hi,                 We are developing connector for marketo. We came across a scenario while searching the lead changes.


      The URL we are hitting is:

      URL: <REST API Endpoint URL>/rest/v1/activities/leadchanges.json


      The 'nextPageToken' and 'fields' are the 2 mandatory fields. The 2 non-mandatory fields are 'batchsize' and 'listId'.


      On providing invalid value for the non-mandatory fields, we are getting the below mentioned result instead of an error message.



        "requestId": "14da9#1528326fb8c",

        "success": true,

        "nextPageToken": "CI5ZP5LB2PJU2KQEKKCXN3JJ26ORA5KMK5K52DHERMPB6KAL2CFQ====",

        "moreResult": false





      The same behavior is been observed for retrieve and custom object. Please find the result body.




      "requestId": "10050#1528201bf8f"




      "success": true



      It would be great if anyone could confirm the behavior.