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Issue in searching lead changes

Question asked by e876511c3ee52f180d8e8d023174e5a4806ff480 on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Kenny Elkington

Hi,                 We are developing connector for marketo. We came across a scenario while searching the lead changes.


The URL we are hitting is:

URL: <REST API Endpoint URL>/rest/v1/activities/leadchanges.json


The 'nextPageToken' and 'fields' are the 2 mandatory fields. The 2 non-mandatory fields are 'batchsize' and 'listId'.


On providing invalid value for the non-mandatory fields, we are getting the below mentioned result instead of an error message.



  "requestId": "14da9#1528326fb8c",

  "success": true,


  "moreResult": false





The same behavior is been observed for retrieve and custom object. Please find the result body.




"requestId": "10050#1528201bf8f"




"success": true



It would be great if anyone could confirm the behavior.