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    Marketo 'Power User'



      I keep coming across the term 'power user' recently - however I can't find anywhere to understand what is counted in Marketo as a Power User.

      Is it:


      1. Someone who maintains campaign structure / naming convention / lead lifecycle etc i.e. someone who is 'in-charge' but does not do day to day campaign send - or

      2. Someone who is the builder and executor (sender) of campaigns & nurture - e.g. someone who is an amazing user who does all the day to day work.


      clarification would be fantastic for me right now!




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          Frank Breen

          In my organisation a Power User is someone who can send emails, i.e. can activate Trigger Campaigns, Schedule Batch Campaigns and Approve Assets. It's a term used by Marketo when they train you, they talk about 3 types of general users: Marketing User, Power User and Admin (of course we can have more than that). A Marketing user is allows to create programs but can't import lists or Approve Emails, then a Power User can do all what a Marketing User can but they can also Approve Emails, Upload Lists, activate Trigger Campaigns and Schedule Batch Campaigns, then an Admin can do everything in the system. All these settings and roles types can be done through Roles and Permissions - Managing User Roles and Permissions - Marketo Docs - Product Docs.

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              Grégoire Michel



              In enterprise editions, power users can also move assets between workspaces and usually will have edit access to some specific shared workspaces (such as the one that stores bets practice program templates or the one that can access all partitions).



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              Allison Sparrow

              Sarah Lundy it depends on your organization! I think most of the time people call themselves "power users" when they are responsible for all things Marketo admin. But you can define it as you see fit at your company.

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                  Josh Hill

                  To me, Power User means someone who understands most of how Marketo works, especially in regard to workflows, asset interaction, and data. Such a person can be entrusted with the access levels described above to generally be left alone to create Programs, Assets, and send out emails.


                  In small orgs, the Power User will become the defacto Admin.


                  Larger Orgs will trust the Power User to train new staff and run campaigns, possibly asking them to do some routine Admin work or be the regional go to person.


                  I often describe myself as a SFDC Power User or Sub-Admin because I know enough to run it if needed, but not enough to be certified and I wouldn't trust myself with a very complex SFDC setup w/o an expert.

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                  'Power User' is a pretty broad term, one which I heard constantly when I worked in Marketo technical support, and still when I work with clients at my current agency. It's a title that rests on a very fine line between a Marketo Certified Expert and a standard Marketing Automation user.


                  A 'Power User' doesn't eat, sleep and dream Marketo. They understand each section of the platform, such as Marketing Activities, Design Studio and Analytics, where they could easily maintain it as a whole if members of their department were to be out. In fact, they may be the only person in their company who understands the in's and out's of the platform on a level where they can train others to working proficiency.


                  A 'Power User' is not a standard Marketing Automation user, however, but they may know 1-2 other Marketing Automation platforms. The knowledge they have in Marketo could be applied loosely across multiple platforms, which makes their knowledge all the more powerful.


                  Most 'Power Users' in my experience should be Marketo Certified Experts, but they just haven't gotten the time to take the MCE exam, since they are so busy taking care of the dirty work that others in their organization may not fully understand (i.e. Rev. Cycle Modeler, Sales Insight Scoring, Engagement Program set-up's).


                  A 'Power User' is someone who should know their worth and take the next step. Obtaining the certification can not only increase their individual value for their own skills and building their resume, but it can also increase value for their organization as a whole by employing an Expert in the platform they utilize in the day to day basis.


                  I hope this helps!