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Reference a custom object in an alert flow step

Question asked by e9f9b55daa6d221a37a120143f1514c3ed69f9e0 on Jan 26, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by e9f9b55daa6d221a37a120143f1514c3ed69f9e0

When one of our clients enters a campaign, we would like to send an alert out to their opportunity owner. This client could easily have multiple opportunities with different owners for each (in MS Dynamics). To combat sending an alert to the wrong owner, we want to reference the most recent. Originally we had planned to do this with a velocity script in the alert flow step, however we recently learned that is not possible.


We would rather not have to synch these fields down from CRM into marketo on the lead level. Is it possible instead to reference a custom object that contained the current opportunity owner's email address? Or would we run into the same issue as before (not sure if a custom object syncs info over to a lead level field which we can then reference, or if a custom object can populate information on the alert send-to without needing any scripting).