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    Token Help: Listing Vertically vs. Horizontally

      I have an important email that needs to go out to our clients. This email is to make them aware of specific accounts they have with us that were impacted by a particular event. Explained further, recipient one might have 1 impacted account, recipient two might have 14, etc.

      If I put this information into Salesforce (or just a Marketo-only field), map it to Marketo, and use that token in the email is there a way that it can order each item vertically as opposed to horizontally?

      I ran a test and even though I list it vertically in the Salesforce field, that token in the Marketo email pulls in and lists horizontally.

      Looking for any advice and HTML manipulation I might be able to use.

      Thanks in advance
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          Hey Andrew,

          The first thing that comes to mind is using a Marketo String field and adding a break tag (<br/>) between each account name in your list (the data itself can be synced down from SFDC or imported into MLM).  When the email is rendered to the end user, each account name will be listed on its own line.

          If you provide more information about the data source (list import, etc) and an anonymized example of the data, then we can check and test a more tailored solution.