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    Duplicate Management

      I've noticed some solo campaigns where contacts were uploaded directly into MKTO which could mean that we may have duplicates if those contacts came in via our normal SFDC > MKTO flow at a later time. What is the best advice on merging those duplicate records/leads?

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          Jamie Lewis

          Best advice is to dedupe at your salesforce instance first, then use the possible duplicates to find any dupes in marketo.  Or to import leads into salesforce and let them sync over to Marketo.

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            Alex Stanton

            I would first find out how big is the problem. Go to the System Smart Lists in the Lead Database and look for the Possible Duplicates list. Depending on how many you find, you can choose your course of action.


            As Jamie and Josh suggested, you might have had a duplicates in SFDC to start with. Marketo will not create a duplicate if you upload a name that already exists in the database, which is one of the reasons why I like to import a list into Marketo rather than into SFDC when there is no deduplication system in place.


            If you have a lot of duplicates, you need to mass merge (Marketo offers a paid service for that) and install something in SFDC that will prevent them and find out what processes are creating the duplicates to that you can correct them and prevent the issue from repeating.

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