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    WebpageID & WebformID to WebpageURL & WebformID

    Margaret Trinh

      Hi -


      When I download the Lead Activities of type Fill out Form, I get these fields called WebPageId & WebFormId. How can I get the WebpageURL and WebFormURL from these?




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          Takehiro Masaki

          Hi Aaron


          Form ID

          You can know Form Name from Form ID via Marketo UI

          https://app-xx99.marketo.com/#FO9999 <=9999 is Form ID


          Webpage ID

          My workaround is

          You get visitWebPage activities via Get Lead Activities » Marketo Developers and save id and name.


          {"id":1,"name":"Visit Webpage","description":"User visits a web page","primaryAttribute":{"name":"Webpage ID","dataType":"integer"},


          {"name":"Client IP Address","dataType":"string"},

          {"name":"Query Parameters","dataType":"string"},

          {"name":"Referrer URL","dataType":"string"},

          {"name":"Search Engine","dataType":"string"},

          {"name":"Search Query","dataType":"string"},

          {"name":"User Agent","dataType":"string"},

          {"name":"Webpage URL","dataType":"string"}


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            Sanford Whiteman

            A form doesn't have a single URL (think embedded forms).  The mktgAssetName/primaryAttributeValue should give you the name of the form.


            The information about the page hosting the form should also be available within the Fill Out Form activity itself.  It's pretty denormalized.


            As far as looking up the Webpage ID to get the canonical URL, Takehiro's idea of joining on Visit Web Page records is good, except not every web page will have such an activity to look up.  If you have the URL, you can create your own index with equivalent functionality (off the top of my head, at least).

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