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2-col Newsletter: Images in Outlook kicking columns out of alignment.

Question asked by 693025b559b08438fadfdd5f3d21e64ee52e4008 on Jan 19, 2016

Hello Marketo community, I'm a relatively new to email coding and I'm encountering some issues with Outlook rendering my newsletter.


I've created a template that has a banner and two columns, split (more or less) 75/25. If it's text-only, it renders great on all platforms. But when I introduce images into the right column, even when they're cropped down smaller than the column width, it shoves the right column down quite a ways for Outlook users on Windows. I realize post-2007 Outlook on Windows renders HTML through Word, which complicates things. But I designed this template around the current newsletter, which is being distributed through Constant Contact. However, when I went to download the source code from that email, it was a complete and utter mess.


It seems I can put images in the left column just fine.


One thing complicating matters is I'm on a Mac and I only know of this issue because my boss (who's on Windows) saw this issue in the sample messages I sent. I'm not having this issue with my version of Outlook.


I've attached the template with an image in the right-hand column, which should demonstrate what my issue is. (WW_Test_2). I've attached also the template without images.


Any guidance is much appreciated!