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    How do I send emails to 100 people out of a pool of 30k each week?



      I am trying to set up a campaign where, if a user has a certain account owner in SFDC, they are put into a pool of users (30k users).


      Then each week we send out 100 emails to people in that pool. 


      The purpose of this is to invite them to talk with our product team.


      If anyone knows how to use marketo to set this up, please let me know.




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          John Clark

          Hi Joe,


          You can definitely do this in Marketo.  What I would recommend is adding all of your leads (30k) to a static list.  Then you can build a smart campaign that you'll run anytime you want to pull a portion of the leads from the pool.


          The campaign will look like this.


          Smart List

          Member Of List (List with 30k)



          Add To List (with a random sample choice (I'd suggest a value of 1, which would give you 1 percent of the 30k, but that's the smallest value you can use))

               (You'll add the 1 percent to a second list, which you'll use in your email campaign)

          Wait 5 minutes

          Remove From List (with a choice, If Member of (second list)) > Remove from (first list)



          This will take a small chunk of the 30k each time you run the campaign, and add them to the second list.  You can use that to email them, and then you'd clear that list and run the campaign again to get a new chunk from the 30k.  Just keep in mind that each time you run it your pool of 30k gets smaller, so you'd want to adjust the percent. i.e. 1 percent of 30k is going to be different than 1 percent of 25k, or 20k, etc.


          Does that all make sense?



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            Grégoire Michel

            Hi Joe,


            Question : is the pool exactly 30000 and does the sample need to be exactly 100? If not, you would use Marketo random sample to extract each week first 3% of the pool (about 900), put them in a static list and then 11% of this subpool. (you cannot do 0.33%, because the minimum sample is 1%)


            If you need something very accurate, you will have to use and API based development.



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              Edward Unthank (ETU)

              Out of the box, the short answer is that you'll have to use other smart lists to get a (nearly) random sample, and you'll have to do the math on your own end to get the list of recipients down to about 100 persons.


              Here's how you can do it.


              You'll want to get your group of 30k as close to divided into three groups of 10k as possible before doing a random sample flow step. The way we usually do this is with your most reliably-filled Marketo field—email address. After that, we'll put in a random sample flow step to take that new group of 10k and get 1% of it—100 leads.


              Get 33% of your pool by filtering with "Email address starts with ___." "Email address starting with" is a repeatable filter that's random-ish, although will have patterns from a pure mathematical perspective. Practically, I'd say it's reasonable to use in this context, because its pattern doesn't have significant negative effects on your recipients. You'll have to play with the letters in the smart lists screenshotted below, because there will be different numbers of email addresses starting with each character, and you'll just want each "Email address starts with ____" filter to grab about 33% of your total pool. (Note that the last group will be "Email address not starts with ____" to ensure you're getting 100% of the database—there are always a few prospects who start with special characters, numbers, or random exceptions that you're catching by putting your logic like this)


              Send to 1% of this set by a random sample flow step choice catching 1% of the target audience. "Random sample" isn't literally random, but it's practically random. You can use a filter to break your group into smaller chunks using a random sample filter, getting down to 1% of your largest pool (10,000 -> 100 pools of 100 people).


              Three smart campaigns to do each send, and you can schedule each smart campaign to run a separate week (or month, depending on how frequently this is happening):

              • Send Email: A-H
              • Send Email: I-O
              • Send Email: (Remainder)


              Smart Lists, whose goals are to take your original group of 30k and get them nearly-evenly dispersed into three subgroups of about 10k each.


              [Account Owner is X, which is your way to target the 30k persons] AND [Email Address starts with: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H]


              Send Email: A-H

              Send Email: I-O

              Send Email: N-Etc


              Flow Steps for each smart campaign—going from 10k to 100 through a 1% random sample choice in a flow step.



              [Send Email, add choice: if random sample is 1, send email; default = do nothing]


              Note that you'll have to do the math on seeing how many persons each "email address starts with" subset affects, and you'll have to tweak each to be about 33% of the total group. That might mean that the first group could be A-E or A-N, depending on the distribution of email address starting with these letters in your database.


              It won't ever be exactly 100 recipients for each smart campaign (or at least, it's really unlikely to be), but it'll be close to that number.



              Edward Unthank | Founder, Etumos


              EDIT: Shoot, that's what I get for typing a novel. John beat me to it.

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