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Revenue Stages and Model

Question asked by b02e527c588ceec7721d7f4e2cc46e0e151c060b on Jan 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2016 by b02e527c588ceec7721d7f4e2cc46e0e151c060b

We are looking to start using a revenue cycle model and so we start manually moving leads into various stages and then activated it. However we then decided that wedidnt want a few stages and then deleted them and manually moved the leads in those stages to another stage. However they are still appearing the report as if they were in the deleted stage and when you run a smart list selection on the deleted stage it returns a number of leads. In fact they appear to be in both the deleted stage and the stage a moved them to as the selection I have shown in the screen shot is returning results as well. My questions are how can I get rid of the stage so it doesnt appear in reports anymore? And am I wrong in thinking that 1 lead can only be in 1 stage at any one time?