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Email Preference Center - Syncing Updated Data to Salesforce

Question asked by 9ec925aa619256d4a48706b7a6b8cb84479a783b on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by Josh Hill

Hi Community,


I'm in the process of building our email preference center and am stumped on the best way to approach this issue. As a preface our email preference center will actually be similar to Marketo's - specifically the field that autofills the email for known leads. Email Subscription Center - Marketo 


My Challenge:

If a known lead decides to change their email address in that email field - how do I prevent a new lead from being created in my CRM (Salesforce) as the email data will be brand new? Is there a way to ensure that the email gets updated in Salesforce for that Lead or Contact record and no new lead is created? 


I want to avoid having our CRM filled with blank leads only containing email data and nothing else.


Looking forward to hearing your suggestions!