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    Campaign Tracking

    Nick Altenburg

      Is it possible to track all aspects of a program within one campaign? For example, in a program I created for an event, I want to make one smart campaign that adds filters to include the appropriate leads, record the number of people that were invited (sent the email), opened the email, clicked something in the email, and registered to the event.


      Currently, I am setting up Opened, Clicked, and Registered as their own individual smart campaigns for the program and I feel like it should be easier than that. Is there any way I can make one smart campaign that tracks when the leads move through all these steps (invited - registered)?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Nick,


          No it's not. The fact that you ask the question proves also (pardon my being blunt) that you have not yet fully got how smart campaigns triggers and filters really work and interact with each other.


          In the real world, the events (email clicks, forms fills out, registration validations, ...) that are at the origin of the status changes are independent one from another. You cannot even predict in which order they will occur (for instance, some one might be invited, but not open the email, then go on the web site, register, come back to the invite email and open it...), nor how much time will separate 2 events.


          When we deliver Marketo training, this is a very typical question. A interesting exercise is to try to define a continuous process that models all your Event : it will be impossible not to have independent triggers factored in. Example : I send an invite email. I want to capture the people who clicked on a specific email. But when will this occur ? How long can someone keep an email in her mailbox before opening it a clicking it ? If I design a continuous process, I will have to set a duration before processing the clicks, which will have 2 drawbacks :

          1. I will miss the people who clicked after the duration is over
          2. I will have to wait until the duration before processing the clicks. Which might be a long time, if I want to avoid point #1.


          This is why these event will all take some different triggers and separate campaigns.



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              Josh Hill

              That being said, he should use Program Templates to lessen the setup work.

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                  Hi Josh,


                  Would be very helpful if you could point to program templates posts that you might have already posted.

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                      Grégoire Michel

                      Hi ANita,


                      Program templates are programs that you set completely, with tokens to set what can change each time you want to run the program. You usually create the programs in a separate folder, and name them in a way that makes it clear it's a template. For instance, you will create a program template for webinars or for seminars.


                      When you want to create a webinar, instead of reinventing the wheel, you just clone the program template, change the token values and you are done. You only have to set your targets and activate or plan the smart campaigns.


                      The big interest of program templates is that they can be prepared by Marketo experts and used by quite junior users, provided that they have got minimum training and a doc. They will benefit of all the expertise and knowledge of the expert, which is dramatically increase the value they get from Marketo and reduce the learning curve.


                      You can import some templates or program samples in Marketo (marketing activities -> New -> Import program), but they still will need some adaptation to your context and the way you want to run the programs.


                      I am not aware of any doc that will tel you how to do that.


                      Program templates are IMHO one of the strongest, if not the strongest, Marketo advantages over the competition.



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                    Nick Altenburg

                    Hi Greg,


                    I am new to Marketo, and you are correct. I have yet to fully understand how smart campaigns, triggers, and filters work.


                    Thank you for your thorough answer, I appreciate your feedback.