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First Asset Download Tracking - How to Capture Name of Link Clicked on a Web Site

Question asked by d07f00037c470975b804d9809eaa520f740ffc6d on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2016 by d07f00037c470975b804d9809eaa520f740ffc6d

We just created a field called "First Asset" for the purpose of capturing the name of the first content piece that someone downloads. There are 3 ways that an asset can be downloaded and I have solutions for the first 2 in the list below, but not the 3rd - clicking a link on a web page.


1) Fills out a form - Smart List: "Fills Out Content Form, Form is Any", Flow: Change Data Value->First Asset->{{trigger.web page}}"

2) Clicks a link in an email to an ungated asset - Smart List: "Clicks link in email, Link contains .pdf, etc.", Flow: Change Data Value->First Asset->{{}}

3) Clicks a link on a web page to an ungated asset


Any ideas for how to capture the name of the link that someone clicks on a web page? Unfortunately, as documented, {{}} only works on emails (I tested this to be sure, hoping it might be a documentation oversight).