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    Job Description for Marketo Contractor

      Hi Marketo Community,


      We're going to be looking for a Marketo contractor to work in-house with us soon and was wondering if anyone had any job descriptions they've previously used they could share. I'll be sure to share the posting and application with the group once we're ready to accept applicants as well!

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          The best Marketo contractor job descriptions are usually very specific about the type of work that the contractor will do. "Marketo Contractor" could actually include a lot of very different skill sets, so being clear about which specifically you're looking for is going to be key in finding the right person.


          Are you looking for someone to help you build out landing pages/emails - so more of a digital asset designer? Are you looking for a content writer? Are you looking for a campaign manager to help push out the emails, upload lists and coordinate campaigns? Are you looking for someone who can manage the overall database and keep the right data in the right place? Are you looking for someone who's good at reporting/data analysis? Are you looking for someone who can help maintain integrations with other systems, like Salesforce/CRM?


          If you'll say - all of it Grant! I need help with all of it! - then I'll say - you need a whole team instead of just one person!


          It's easy enough to find example job descriptions - just search for the title on Google/LinkedIn/this forum and you'll get lots of them.


          Good luck!



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            Josh Wagner

            Hello Wintha,


            I echo Grant's comments about the scope of the work and the likelihood that there is a need beyond that of an individual.  I recommend you read this article which outlines the "gotchas" of hiring a so called expert.  Experience is the key, how many different instances and different user stories has this "person" had to run through.  You want someone who has made the mistakes, seen the pitfalls of certain decisions and knows how to solution.  That level of expertise comes with experience, and likely a team.


            I am happy to talk through this with you further as you advance your search.





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