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One lead/contact multiple email addresses

Question asked by 33962715128ec8b32227b8ffd0dc979b56f6a913 on Jan 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2016 by 664b6d012dbb9929099ec229eeee6b7777e02ad1

I just launched a webinar registration email to our current customer list.


Good thing is I got massive amounts of registrations. Bad news is we sent the email to their corporate email address and many registered with their personal email address and since Marketo uses email as the unique identifier, a bunch of new lead records were created.

What do you all do in this situation so both email addresses are kept but data isn't overriden?


1. Do I keep both records and mark something on the lead record that there is an existing contact with a different email address in the database?

2. Do I merge the lead with the contact and keep the corporate email address?

3. Do I merge the lead into the existing contact but and add the personal email address to a custom field? If I take this route and no longer have the personal email address in the standard email address field, how will ReadyTalk map the attednace or no show data?


Thanks in advance for the guidance