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Syncing custom opportunity fields in Marketo

Question asked by 2cc0fea521c97f00d36e274fa6976c2e8d0d4b4b on Jan 11, 2016
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I'm working on measuring Customer Lifecycle leads and am having trouble viewing the appropriate salesforce fields in Marketo. Most of the fields I need to see sit on the opportunity. Marketo syncs any custom field that the sync user has permission to see - and since our sync user is an admin with visibility to all fields in theory I should be able to see all the fields I need...


In pardot we created a custom field and mapped it to the salesforce field, from there it would sync and we could filter a list in pardot by that field. Is this the same for Marketo? I don't see that it is - when I attempt to create a smart list I don't see the ability to filter by custom opportunity fields. Any suggestions?