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    Customizing Reports?

    Kristan Viox

      We are trying to do end-of-year reporting for 2015. I need to pull reports that show the leads that were generated in 2015 that are in Marketo-only (I know to use the 'SFDC Type-> Is Empty' filter in the Smart List). What I can't figure out is how to customize the columns of information that I can report. I want to see what Status the leads are in (even leads with blank statuses) and when they were created. So far, I have not been able to figure out how to customize the Columns, and have ran two reports - Leads by Status (canned Marketo report filter to last year and SFDC Type=Empty), and Leads by Month (also canned and filtered by date and SFDC type).


      Is there really no way to customize the Marketo reports? I am used to having a lot of flexibility and options for fields to view in SFDC report building.

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          Jamie Lewis

          Hi, you should be able to customize what fields you can place in the report, but there is a limited number of fields per report in the standard reporting tool.  To see what fields are available, right click on the column bar in the report itself, it should create a popup where you can select the columns. 


          If you field is not in there then it will not be possible to add it.  To do that you would need to use our Revenue Explorer Reporting tool which is an upgrade form the standard edition.