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Renewal Date Email Automation

Question asked by 5b4446c7705800a6030424f15f0e21c54041a88c on Jan 8, 2016
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Hi there,


I'd like to send an automated email survey to our customers every month who have an annual renewal date 6 months from the month of send. I've tried all the options and the logic that comes closest is Annual renewal date, in future, 6 months. But that gives everyone with a renewal date in the next 6 months. I only want people with a renewal date 6 months from now/this month. So if it is sent this month, only people with a renewal date in June. And automatically send for for future months so next month it would send to only people with renewal dates in July and so on. It would be great if I could automate this and not manually set it up every month.


Does anyone have any suggestions for setting this up? Thanks!