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    How do I add leads to a live campaign midstream?

      Hello Marketo peeps! I currently have a monthly newsletter that is sent to leads that subscribe on a Marketo form. I don't want new subscribers to receive the first email in the flow. Instead, I'd like them to qualify for the same Smart Campaign BUT receive the next scheduled email.


      For example, if a prospect subscribes on May 1, they should receive the next scheduled newsletter on May 15th rather than the January 15 newsletter. Thoughts?

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Ghizlaine,


          This is not possible per-se. You will have to start from the beginning of the flow. They are some workarounds though :

          • You can split your smart campaign in 2, the first one calling the second with a "Campaign is requested" trigger on the second half and a "Request Campaign" on the first one. Since they are 2 campaign, you will be able to inject other leads directly in the second half with a third Smart campaign that does a "Campaign is Requested" as it's unique flow step
          • You can skip the first flow steps of your Smart campaign using appropriate choices. The issue here is that "Wait" flow steps do not have choices (vote here 'Add Choice' for Wait Flow Action ), So if you want to skip wait step, it's a little tricky.



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            Grégoire Michel

            Hi again Ghizlaine,


            re-reading your use case, I am not sure that the way you want to implement this newsletter is the most efficient one. If you add a newsletter every month, you will end up creating a new sub campaign every month and in 1 year, you will 12 chained campaigns, with some leads who entered the 1st one, some the second, some the third, etc...


            I would instead consider 2 ways :

            • Either you use an engagement program with a monthly schedule. Each month, you add a new newsletter to it and you simply deactivate obsolete ones (you can even schedule automatic deacrtivation)
            • Or you simply create a new email program every month and you select all the registered.