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Gated Webinars For Specific Audience

Question asked by 1bf34d83bbb4a29e1cb06691a7e71c951e8d9dfb on Jan 8, 2016
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Hello Marketo Community,


I am looking to create gated webinars for different audiences with the ability to control who views each webinar. I have included a couple example scenarios below:


  1. Webinar for partners only
  2. Webinar for employees only
  3. Paid customers only
  4. Public


For groups 1-3, I am wondering what is the best way to configure the webinar program so that only these members are allowed to view the webinar? (i.e. not accessible by sharing a link) Currently, we are using Webex as our hosting platform, but are open to other hosts that would be good for this functionality.


Some thoughts I had were to create a gated landing page with dynamic content and a segmentation for the audience which shows an embedded webinar, or link to the webinar to the designated audience. Or include rules on the form for the follow up page if email address is [list of emails] show link to webinar, if not then show a page “webinar is not available.”


My only concern here is that it is possible for someone to pass on the gated landing page link to another member and also provide their email address so the other member can register. Might be unlikely, but I am worried about the security and if there is anyway to make sure only certain designated people are able to view the webinar.


Does anyone have insights or recommendations on how to set up webinars more securely?


I would appreciate any thoughts.


Thank you!