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    Webinar Promo Emails

      What sort of sucess have people had with using email to promote/drive registration for an upcoming webinar? Are there certain email templates that seem to work well for this? What about text only email versus html? Any more success with one over the other? I would love some insight into what works well when it comes to using email to drive webinar registration & attendance.

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          Kim Allen
          Hi Kelly,

          I've had success with html emails, but pretty plain and simple (like Marketo's). What seems to work is to send one or two of that variety and then the third invite would be text and something more personal, like "Kelly, the webinar is filling up, register before it's too late blah blah...".

          Every industry is different so I'd suggest A/B testing some of your questions!

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            Thank you, this is helpful!
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              Josh Hill

              Heinz Marketing and some other firms had good lists of ideas. Basically I agree with Kim:
              •           simple
              •           send 1-2 weeks ahead
              •           try to avoid bugging people with multiple sends (exclude registrants and clickers)
              •           offer ALL the details in the first email: time, speakers, etc
              •           image of speakers has been shown to help sometimes.
              •           LP should match email with info
              •           LP should keep form simple.
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                Hi Kelly,

                We have found that HTML emails, if they follow best practices, can be very successful in promoting webinars. To Kim's point, keeping a simple design and a clear message is key... For an interesting analysis of an email that fell short, you can go here: http://spearmarketing.com/blog/design-choices-more-sink-webinar-invitation/

                Also, with regards to invitation frequency, definately try to not exhaust your database with too many invitations to the same event. Some of our clients will send the initial invitation and then a "reminder" which is customized to look like a "FWD" from their lead owner... if you use tokens correctly, this can be very effective.

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                  Thanks for the help!