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Token in email links is not populating values

Question asked by 05fe0272622e31962090a0437e5f21215e07354a on Jan 7, 2016
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I have a nurture campaign with some emails and I add some URL parameters in each link in the emails. I'm using tokes so it's easier.

The link in my email looks like{{my.url_track}}


And the tokens are nested like:

{{my.url_track}} = ?utm_source={{my.utm_source}}&utm_medium={{my.utm_medium}}&utm_campaign={{my.utm_campaign}}

{{my.utm_campaign}} = General_PA_Nurture_Track


I think it was working last time I tested it, but now that I'm running the final test before launching the campaign this is what I get when I click in the link{{my.utm_source}}&utm_medium={{my.…


Does anybody know how to make it work? Is it because of the nested tokens?


Thank you.