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    Adding Buttons to Landing Page

      Hi All,


      A very Happy New Year !


      So I am designing a landing page, which has three different images stating three different products of our company. I wanted to add three separate buttons onto each image, clicking upon which the users will be redirected to different specific webpages containing the respective product pricing.

      Example :


      Image 1 : Hire Drivers in Bangalore :: (Button redirect link - http://babajob.com/hire-drivers-in-bangalore)

      Image 2 : Hire Cooks in Mumbai :: (Button redirect link - http://babajob.com/hire-cooks-in-mumbai)

      Image 3 : Hire Stewards in Delhi :: (Button redirect link - http://babajob.com/hire-stewards-in-delhi)


      How do you guys suggest I go about , in order to add these separate buttons on to my landing page so that their click action, redirects user to different webpages ?


      Thanks !



      -Prabash Rath