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    Include in alert only if data value is updated

    Diana Watts

      I am currently trying to set up a campaign for customers to provide post-transaction feedback. We have some custom fields for this, but have utilised the existing 'Contact Enquiry' field for any additional feedback that customers wish to provide around their purchasing experience.  Once the form has been filled out, an alert is sent to our sales team summarising the feedback.


      The issue I am having is that the 'any additional feedback' field in this particular form is not compulsory, and therefore if a customer has submitted a previous contact enquiry but HASN'T filled out this field on the form, the previous contact enquiry from their lead record will appear in the alert. I cannot create a new field for this feedback, but cannot work out how to set the alert up to only include this field IF it was filled out as part of the customer feedback form.


      Can anybody please help with this? I've been going in circles and can't seem to find a workable solution. Thank you!