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SFDC Campaigns Sync - Benefits and Pitfalls

Question asked by Rachel Egan on Jan 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 6, 2016 by 57658e2b1e3278a3feb1bffcdf50ca8cf9b0fe34

Our Marketo instance is synced with SFDC and I am developing our events strategy. This includes syncing our Marketo programs with SFDC campaigns. I have everything connected, but I have not set up a SFDC Campaign Sync with a program because I'm nervous that I will see un-anticipated consequences. Up until now, I've been running my SFDC campaigns with smart campaigns; AKA, every time someone registers for the event, I then change their status in Marketo and have a flow step that also changes their status in the SFDC campaign.


I'd like to make this process as clean on myself as possible, and I've read through the documentation in the Marketo Products Doc pages, but I wanted to turn to the community to see if anybody here has insight they can share with me about what worked/didn't work for them and how they are using SFDC Campaign Sync.


Any insight or thoughts would be helpful. I'm very interested to hear from people!