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    Purchasing and Analytics

    Eric Salalmon
      You have a list of people that baught your products for a year, and you have been using marketo to track leads for a year.

      I know it would be a large report but each customer would be on the y axis and each campaign would be the x axis. How would you set it up in Marketo? 
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          Josh Hill

               Is their purchase history in Marketo?

               If you have Opportunity Analyzer, that would get you closer to what you want...but you can't do this in the way you described without RCE.

               The most you could do is a table that says Leads by X.

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            Eric Salalmon
            The purchase history is in salesforce. We are using a true/false box to show current owners. 

            The table you are refering too would be total leads by campaign or event right?

            It might help if I give you the end goal, which is to review previous success and see what path they have taken and try to build a scoring/ process flow in marketo to achieve the same level of success and maximize the automation function.
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              I don't understand the story you're trying to tell with your chart of customers on the y axis and campaigns on the x-axis.

              Are you trying to ask which campaigns are most associated with customers?

              If that's the case, then you could count the number of customers for each campaign - or even better for each campaign type. Then you could rank them.

              Alternatively, you could also count how many campaigns each customers was a part of, and see if there is anything interesting in that data.

              But I wouldn't want to look at that giant chart.
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                Eric Salalmon
                Difficult to explain, but I want to export the list of all events and who was associated with it then I want to run a pivot table where I can see commonalities between accounts who purchaced or did not purchace in the last year, and I want to determin if the event had been the primary effect or if it was other aspects that influnced the behavor.