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Assigning Newly Created/Qualified Leads At Named Accounts

Question asked by 9d286d6b9112d1223f9db15fda3fbae90cbf77fb on Dec 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2016 by Grégoire Michel

I am trying to optimize our lead handoff process, and am wondering how other people in this community manage lead handoff for named accounts/already owned accounts.


Here is the scenario I am challenged by:


A lead at "Company A" becomes qualified and it's time to hand off to sales. Company A is already an owned account in Salesforce -- the account owner is "John". The territory is owned by "Tom" but since that particular company is already owned by John, the lead should go to John. Becuase the lead has not yet been converted, it is not yet associated with that account, so the challenge here is automating lead handoff to the correct named account owner (rather than the territory owner).


I could create a smart campaign with all the named accounts and direct leads at those companies to be assigned to specific account owners. The challenge here is that the territories have changed (and change somewhat frequently), so there are many accounts owned by someone different than what the territory rules might suggest.


I believe there are also tools (such as RingLead) that can help this process.


How are other people managing this?