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Financial Data not being populated

Question asked by c3f40f953d9e0ddda63dd012974c9d85f3fc14c8 on Dec 29, 2015
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I am having difficulty gathering financial data that I will need for a huge campaign we are soon to launch.


We do not use Salesforce, but rather a custom CRM and E-commerce integration. While most of the fields on the Order Info tab for individual leads is being populated (see below), when I go to run a Smart List that shows Leads that fit the "Has Any" Order filter and then add the Close Date or SFDC Date constraints (which you can see below), nobody appears. It doesn't matter what date I put in for either of those constraints, such as December 29th, people are still not appearing. Also, I am wondering why the Order Info tab fields are not included among the View options. Is that standard or is there a way to include the Order Info fields in the View portion of the Smart List?




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