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    Calculation of Conversion Rate - Success Path Analyer

    Jeff Coveney

      In simple terms, how is the conversion rate in the Success Path Analyzer calculated? I have looked everywhere for a definition but can't find one anywhere.


      Is this?

      A) a waterfall analysis where there conversions reflect all the previous stages? For example, all Opptys are part of MQLs and all MQLs are part of Net New created during the period (Here, the Inquiry would be the Cohort).


      B) A flow report where the stages are independent? This is not as valuable.


      Really looking for A so would love any suggestions assuming the Analyzer is B functionality.


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      What is the definition of the conversion rate in the success path analyzer?

      Using the Success Path Analyzer - Marketo Docs - Product Docs - Would be great if Marketo updated this article to include the definition of the conversion rate.