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Workspace and Lead Partition -  How to avoid email being blasted to all leads in default partition

Question asked by 71773576e143f7afafb141503fb1229548b3777b on Dec 30, 2015
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Our Marketo set-up is in bit of a mess, we currently have it set-up as below (which we want to clean up)


Lead Partition:

Default - Majority of leads are in this partition

LP 1 - Few thousand leads

LP 2- Few thousand leads


Default WS - Default LP + LP1 + LP2

WS 1   - Default LP + LP 1

WS 2   - Default LP + LP 2


We have two marketing teams one working in Default and other in WS1 but recently we have seen an issue where by mistake an email was send out from "default" work space to all the leads were as we actually intended it to be send out to internal employees.


This triggered few questions

1) How best to handle this type of issue were email was send out to all leads in default partition instead of targeted internal employees or few set of leads.

2)Should we move leads from default to LP1 & LP 2 so that there are in separate partitions and this will avoid the issue in "Question 1" but then there would be another issue as leads from LP1 and LP2 partitions needs to be shared b/w both workspaces WS 1 & WS2 as both marketing team would like target these leads ( as we have some customer who are prospect interested in other products).

3) If not leads partition what  would be a better solution where we can have separate workspaces for both marketing team sharing one LP but this should allow us to block sending email to all leads ( I know we can restrict Smart campaign limit under Admin but we do not want to set up this limit) by mistake.