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    GoToWebinar - Cancel status

      We use GoToWebinar and I want to updated some registrations from Registered to Cancelled if they are not allowed to attend or they actual cancel their registration.  How can you set-that up in Marketo?  The lead would register, be automatically approved and then we would update them to cancelled on the backend manual.  Competitors registering for the event is an example of someone I would cancel. 



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          Amy Connor

          If it's a competitor, I'd just manually change their program status to "Not in Program." I am pretty sure that will pull them out of GTW too (but you should double-check, especially if you use GTW for your reminder emails).


          We occasionally have people who email us and say they can't attend the webinar after they've registered. We just tell them to ignore the reminder emails, and we'll send them the recording when the webinar is done. (We send our recordings to all registrants.)


          If that doesn't work for you, you could create a new program status for webinars called "Declined," and manually change people to that. I am pretty sure that will take them out of GTW as well (but again, check). If you send your reminder emails via Marketo, then it won't send reminders to them. You can make sure that you send your follow-up emails to people with the status Declined.