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Could Not Discard Email Draft By ID via REST API.

Question asked by e876511c3ee52f180d8e8d023174e5a4806ff480 on Dec 25, 2015



I am working on integration of Marketo using REST API, in which I was trying to Discard Email by using Id of the email. I referred Discard Email Draft by Id » Marketo Developers API documentation for Discarding Email Draft. But unfortunately it was throwing below error :


API Request: POST

API Response:

"errors": [


            "code": "702",

            "message": "Email with draft status not found"




As per the API response Email 1027 with status as draft not found, but surprisingly when I tried to retrieve emails I found 1027 in "draft".

Please find the snapshot for the GET Email response below:




Has anybody faced same issue or Am I missing something while discarding draft for Email?