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    Reporting - Marketo Vs. Salesforce

      I have created a basic dashboard in Saleforce to serve as a framework for our Marketing Executive Dashboard. The reports in Salesforce are based on data that comes in from Marketo.


      In 2016 I am tasked with improving and expanding upon the functionality of our dashboard, and I am wondering what other members of the community use for dashboard reporting. Do you also use Saleforce.com for this, or are you reporting directly from Marketo? Additionally, does anyone have access to best practices or helpful resources that may be of use?


      I realize this is a broad topic.


      Thanks in advance!



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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Stephen,


          It really depends on whether you have the RCA/RCE option or not. Without RCE, Marketo dashboarding capabilities are unfortunately close to 0. The hard point is that some reports available in Marketo (starting with Standard Edition) are almost impossible to get in SFDC (Success Path Analyser, Program Analyser).


          RCA/RCE provides much more capabilities.



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            Chris Saporito

            We are currently using SFDC extensively for reporting. Although, I have been also tasked with learning more about Marketo's RCA reporting capabilities in 2016. Interested to hear what everyone else is doing!

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              Josh Hill

              This is a pretty broad question. The better question is to understand what you want to report on, what the reports should look like, and then discuss the best place to obtain the data.


              If you structured your SFDC-Marketo sync a certain way, you can do all of the reports in Marketo. However, as Greg alludes to, Marketo RCE may be better setup to show you things like marketing influence, attribution, funnel, and program data. Marketo also shows you the email deliverability/response data that you won't get in SFDC at all.


              I would say that if you've done everything you can that's obvious in SFDC, then it's time to consider the next level of reports, like Attribution and Funnel data. Can RCE do most of that? Yes. Are there other tools that might do it better? Possibly. It just depends on your reporting needs and how to plan out the implementation.


              I do like RCE/RCA for the second stage of Attribution, Program, and Funnel data. However, I find that to understand the touch data in detail, you really need to explore Full Circle Insights or other tools that offer more attribution options.

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