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    Which forms to use?

      I am creating three new forms for our site and wanted to get input from the community on best practices.

      Our existing solution is a 1.0 form which our developers have embedded into our Drupal site. The downside is that every time I want to make a form change, I need to rope in a developer to do so.

      I would like to create the new forms in 2.0, so that I can easily make changes to the form in Marketo when the need arises. However, Google Analytics tells me that 27% of the visitors to our site have Javascript disabled, and I don't want a poor customer experience or to reduce form completion.

      Are any of you in the same situation? What decisions have you made for the short-term and long-term?
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          Josh Hill
          The only thing (that I'm aware of) is that disabling javascript will mean the form cannot pre-fill or do any fancy things you asked it to do (lightbox). Otherwise the form should be fine.
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            Thanks, Josh! That is really helpful. 

            I guess my followup question would be if any of you have noticed form completion decrease since implementation of 2.0 forms.

            Also, I'd love to hear from a Marketo employee about whether or not they are planning to totally phase out 1.0 forms in the future, because that would also impact my decision.