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    Syncing "friendly" custom entity values from MS Dynamics CRM

    Dan Stevens.

      We're running into a roadblock with custom entities that is preventing us from resolving the API GUID name of each field value to the "friendly" display name field value.  Our CRM platform is MS Dynamics 2015 Online.  Here's our use-case:


      Every lead record has an "owned by" field - which is essentially the geographic region that owns the lead:

      The goal is to sync this value back to Marketo once a lead is assigned in CRM.  Unfortunately, we can only get it to return values like "c5b372c4-1259-e511-80fd-c4346bb5a81c" instead of the meaningful name.


      Back to CRM.  Here's the schema and the field name of the fields for this object:


      With this info in hand, we then tried to setup a smart campaign to convert the GUID value to the meaningful value - using a munction formula:



      But that didn't even work. Marketo won't support us using this approach since Munctions is a beta feature (and not fully supported).  So now we're stuck.  If anyone has gone down this road and achieved success, please let me know.


      Todd Mercer