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    Marketo landing page with a form in an iframe in an app

    Ernesto Perdomo



      I have a Marketo landing page that contains a form on it within an iframe in a Windows app.


      The landing page with the form works fine in the app and in a desktop. I have email address and first name, and then 5 different questions that are basically codes that the users need to put in with progressive profiling, all setup to stay in same page unless all fields are submitted, which then will take you to a different thank you page. For instance, if you insert the first name, email address and fill out the first code, then it refreshes and populates your first name, email address and the field filled out is already gone, only showing the remaining that the users need to complete.


      The problem is that within the iframe on the app, it works but also opens a tab in a browser automatically where email address and first name aren't populated, which cause confusion. However, if you go back to the app, the iframe works perfectly, these 2 fields are populated and the others are hidden depending on what have been filled.


      I'd like to avoid that tab in a browser, I don't need to open the browser, it should always keep the user in the iframe within the app, but not sure if I need to edit the html code of the submit button, or if I need to ask the app developers to add some code to the iframe to avoid this browser thing...


      If anyone knows how to achieve this and have the experience all the time within the iframe on the app that would be really helpful!