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What's your folder structure?

Question asked by JD Nelson Champion on Dec 17, 2015

It seemed like a lot of us at the recent MUG had launched Marketo in the last year. We launched back in June, too, and I tried to create a folder structure that would span time, but as we move towards 2016, I'm thinking it's not the best way to align.


Given the criteria that some things start in a calendar year and some things span longer, I was thinking a 2015 Marketing Activity folder to hold programs for anything created during the year that would eventually die-off, and possibly a new folder for stuff like our website content that will span years (with obvious re-fresh and updating!). After DemandGen's webinar this week, they had an interesting structure of having Engagement Programs for each asset, which contained all the programs therein -- an interesting approach I'm debating with my VP.


What are our more-experienced users' thoughts or anyone's best practices around this?


I've attached a very topical summary view of the structure we had for the year... Thoughts and input are welcome!


I look forward to seeing you all again in Jan/Feb!