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    Are local YouTube video assets constrained to a defined size?

    Dan Stevens.

      We're building a guided landing page template that includes a section where we can swap in and out different video (using Marketo YouTube video assets).  But when we add the video to the page, the aspect ratio - or more specifically, the video player, is significantly smaller than the source video.  Our desire is to display this on the page just as it does within YouTube (e.g., widescreen).


      Here's the source video on YouTube:




      And here's how it looks when we create the video asset in Marketo:



      Are we limited to this player size once we place it on our landing pages?  I'm assuming the additional top (where the title of the video is contained) and bottom (video controls) aren't customizable to look more modern like what is contained on YouTube.  We dislike the letterbox when it's not necessary.