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SFDC and Marketo Campaigns for Contacts

Question asked by 2cc0fea521c97f00d36e274fa6976c2e8d0d4b4b on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by Iryna Zhuravel

I am a Customer Life Cycle marketing manager who is looking to measure engagement on my customer campaigns. We have thousands of leads stored in salesforce. When a sale is made by a sales team member at our company the lead is converted to a contact and an opportunity is created to mark the sale. Upsells to current customers are executed by our customer success department and created as new opportunities under that same contact. Duplicate leads are not deleted but instead given a DNC status. 


In order to measure the progress of my efforts, I have created campaigns in salesforce and set a smart campaign task in marketo to add respondents to the specific SFDC campaign. However marketo is not marking all the respondents as contacts, it is pulling some of them as leads. I have had to delete the leads from these campaigns so that our sales team isn't selling on our own customers, skewing my campaign numbers.


Does anyone know how to add customer respondents to campaigns as contacts only? Or how to use both email and type as filters for respondents?