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    How are marketers Tracking Event ROI Via Marketo/Salesforce



      I am curios to see how other marketers are tracking conference/event ROI through Marketo and Salesforce. This is a big issue in our organization and would love to get some feedback on what others are doing...

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          Hi Allison,


          We sponsor events periodically, maybe 1 every couple of months but the way we track our ROI is quite simple. The way we do it is that we create a lead capture form & landing page in a program in Marketo so we can gather people's info at the stand using either a laptop or iPad, then once those leads are in the program we sync it to our Salesforce campaign (usually we do this after the event so we can make sure all info is correct). Once those leads are assigned to the correct salesperson they then go on to convert the lead and add an opportunity against the contact and campaign. So this way we can see exactly what the value of the opportunity is against the salesforce campaign.


          I hope this helps!

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            Guy Goldstein

            2 secrets:


            Secret 1 - Marketo Programs... Leveraging the event program and making sure that statuses are up to date is an easy call and makes sure that you know where your Investment is going


            Secret 2 - Contact Roles... I've never been able to emphasize just how contact roles are without screaming it... CONTACT ROLES!!! These are the glue that connects the R to the I and lets you see your results.


            Where you have secondary activities that are associated with the event (cocktail parties etc) I prefer to track it as a separate program so that when I'm asked "should we do a cocktail party next year" I can easily distinguish the outcome of the party from the event itself.


            It's actually not nearly as complicated as it seems - well.... apart from training sales

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