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    Inactivity Filter constraint - in past 1 year

      The issue I am having is that a lead is being paused "smart campaign the runs regulary and is based on filters (not triggered)" although it shouldn't be paused. A lead should only be paused in an engagement program if he continued the journey (e.g. filling out form 3 after having stopped for a while after form 2) OR if the lead was inactive for a year, i.e. did not fill out form 3 within the last year.


      This is how I have set it up:



      I believe now that the constraint "in past 1 year" might be the problem. Does this constraint mean that it looks at the past year since the lead was created or can it also be the case that the lead is newly created and when the filter looks at this lead and sees that he didnt fill out the particular form in the past year although the lead has only been created for a day or two that it still fulfills the filter? i.e. does this constraint only take leads into account that have already been created for a year, or can it also apply to a new lead?


      I would need this constraint to only take leads into account that have been part of the engagement program for at least a year. Yes I can add the time constraint for "Was added to engagement program" or "Member of engagement program" but that only lets me enter a particular date, i.e. I would always have to amend the date going forward which isn't efficient. Therefore I want to have "in past 1 year" as this enables me to just leave the smartlist alone as it is "dynamic" and always only looks at the leads that I want.


      Any info on this? Would be much appreciated!