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Changing Email address of multiple leads

Question asked by Ravi Ansal on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2019 by Lucas Metherall

Hi There,


I was cleaning my database and came around multiple leads whose email address have been changed in the last year due to some company acquisitions or few have joined the new company.

So i downloaded all that data and starting working on correcting them in an excel sheet but now before uploading that i have few questions:

     1. I f i upload that data with a different email address will Marketo create a new records?

          1.1 If so; is there a way to over right the current data value in a bulk way?

     2. If i add existing Marketo ID column will that help?

     3. Or should i update the leads via Salesforce?


Hope i clarifies my question.