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    Cookie Issues

    Jeff Smith

      I had an issue today where if I completed a form for a webinar, I would not get the confirmation email. The form completion was noted in the activity history, but I would not go through the flow. I opened a ticket, and the support rep mentioned that he completed the form, and he went through the flow as usual, receiving the confirmation.


      At the same time today, I was dealing with an issue where my co-worker informed me that he would not get the thank you email after completing the form on our website for an analyst report. (This is important because the thank you email contains the link for the report.) I tried it myself, and similarly, I did not get the email. I thought something was up with the form or the URL in the iframe was incorrect. After much troubleshooting, I realized that I would run through the flow and receive the email if I submitted the form in an incognito window. But in a window where I was a known lead, I would not trigger the flow. I then clicked "Not You?" below the form, resubmitted, and the flow worked. I never changed my email, proven by the fact that I could follow my activity history under that email address in the lead database.


      Has anyone run across this before? Did my cookies somehow get corrupted or something, preventing the flow from working as it should? I found it odd that my co-workers (three of us) encountered the same thing together. Any help or insight would be appreciated into how this happens and how it can be avoided. Thanks!