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    Marketo <> SFDC Post Sync Issue.

      Hi All,


      We have identified an issue related to multiple deals (opportunities) associated with one contact. For example if prabashr@babajob.com has 3 jobs (Job1, Job2, Job3) currently active in SFDC instance, Marketo is creating three different records for each job with the  same email id. So it will be like:


      prabashr@babajob.com     J1    

      prabashr@babajob.com     J2    

      prabashr@babajob.com      J3   


      We would like to have merge these 3 separate records into one record with email id. So it should be like


      prabashr@babajob.com   J1            J2               J3


      Could you please suggest a solution for this?


      Will there be any involvement of Marketo Custom Objects for this issue to be resolved ? This issue is kind of urgent for our company to resolve and get going with the operations.


      Awaiting quick help form you people !


      Thanks a lot !


      -Prabash Rath

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Prabash,


          What are you calling a Job ? Is this the opportunity object that you have renamed (#1) ? Is this a custom object linked to one of the 3 (#2) ? Is this a Field in the contact, account or lead (#3) ? 

          • The #1 is seamless. If it's an opportunity, when you will have merged the 3 contacts, the resulting one will be linked to the 3 opportuntities
          • The #2 is a quite seamless : you just have to map the custom object in Marketo and merge the 3 contacts
          • The #3 is more complex : if you do a simple merge, you will keep only one value. The solution depends on how solid vs simple you want the solution to be:
            • You could create a "Job" custom object in SFDC and map it to Marketo. in this case, you will be back to case #2. In order to populate the custom objects, you will have to export the database before merge, the reimport the custom objects in SFDC, using the email address as a mapping field
            • Or you can export the database, merge the 3 values in one column outside the database (excel...) merge in SFDC and reimport the 3 values.



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              Hi Gregoire,


              Our company deals with recruiters posting available jobs/vacancies with them and we then connect these recruiters and probable appropriate job seekers according to the job posted details. One recruiter can have multiple job postings on our website.


              So basically, this 'Job' is a custom field in our SFDC instance which has the job and other relevant details and statuses and is linked to the contact role. Since, one recruiter can have multiple job postings, there are more than One Job with the same contact (i.e., the same email ID) in SFDC.


              We synced this Salesforce Custom Object with our Marketo instance, and found out that there are multiple lead records (with the same email ID) in our Marketo DB like the example I have listed above. Having these multiple records with the same contact details, will create problems for us to run programs and removing duplicates in Marketo going further down the stage.


              Hence, I am looking for a solution in such a way that, the multiple jobs linked to one contact OR email ID in SFDC come in as only lead record in Marketo with its multiple job posted details.


              How do you suggest I go about to achieve the same  ?


              Thanks again !

              -Prabash Rath

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                  Grégoire Michel

                  Hi Prabash,


                  Your post is not clear : you are talking first about a custom field and then about a custom objects. These are 2 very different things in SFDC.


                  Provided you are not running Marketo Spark, as explained in my earlier post, if this is a field in SFDC, you should replace it with a "Job" custom object in SFDC.

                  If this is already a custom object, just let it as is.


                  IMPORTANT : You just need to make sure that the Job custom object has a relationship to the contact, which has to take the form of a lookup or master detail field in the JOB custom object and targeting the contact. This will enable a 1-n relations ship. Pay attention that it is not the other way around (a field in contact that links to the job), in which case it will not work.


                  This custom object itself may have other fields (for relevant details and statuses).


                  Finally, you will have to map the Job custom object in Marketo. This is done in Admin->Salesforce object sync. The docs ought to be here SFDC Sync: Custom Object Sync - Marketo Docs - Product Docs  but the page is empty . Nevertheless, it is quite straightforward and if you search the community, I already wrote about how to do this.


                  The Marketo mapping will create a few filters (such as "was added to a Job", "has Job") and triggers ("added to a Job") in Marketo and you will be able to use custom object fields as constraint.


                  Once all this is done and you have populated the custom object with all the jobs in SFDC, you can merge the contacts in SFDC. If you merge 2 contacts with 1 linked job each, you will end up with 1 contact with 2 linked jobs. And this will reflect to Marketo perfectly well and automatically.



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                      Hi Greogire,


                      Sorry for the previous inefficient explanation, I hope this might make things clearer.


                      So, we have a custom object in SFDC called 'Jobs', each with a unique job ID associated with it. This custom object has fields as well. as per my previous statements, lets say a recruiter Prabash has vacancies for two roles - (1) Software Engineer and (2) Product Architect. Prabash posts these two jobs on our websites (looking for applicants) and the contact details remain the same for both these postings as prabashr@babajob.com


                      Now in SFDC's custom object 'Jobs', two separate jobs get created; namely Software Engineer and Product Architect. These two job objects have contact details as prabashr@babajob.com separately for both of them, i.e.,


                      Software Engineer job object (with a unique SFDC ID) has Contact - prabashr@babajob.com


                      Product Architect job object (with another unique SFDC ID) has Contact - prabashr@babajob.com


                      Now, upon syncing this SFDC custom object with Marketo and mapping the fields; we observed our  Marketo lead record database. Here, there were two separate records created namely:


                      ID               First               Last                   Email Address                               SFDC ID           Job


                      3214          Prabash          Rath                  prabashr@babajob.com            234500AQ            Product Architect

                      3221          Prabash          Rath                  prabashr@babajob.com            243900BQ            Software Engineer


                      So, these are two separate Jobs and we want to track each job's progress individually but without storing two lead records having the same Email Address (as this will later cause complication when we remove duplicates etc.). We wanted our lead records to be something like:


                      ID               First               Last               Email Address                         SFDC ID               Job1                              Job2


                      3214          Prabash          Rath               prabashr@babajob.com         234500AQ          Product Architect          Software Engineer


                      This way, we can either use {{lead.Job1}} OR {{lead.Job2}} as tokens in email bodys and send out to the prabashr@babajob.com, which otherwise using just {{lead.job}} (which is what we have now); prabashr@babajob.com will receive mails for both Product Architect and Software Engineer, which we might not want to send.


                      I hope this explanation makes things a bit clearer.


                      Could you suggest me what should be done, in order to have just one lead record in Marketo in such scenarios?


                      Awaiting you quick response!


                      Thanks a lot !



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                  Josh Hill

                  Greg has been very detailed with the help here. However, I suggest that this is a complex issue that if you cannot resolve on the basis of Greg's suggestions, you may want to seek out an SFDC developer and hire that person for this resolution.

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                    Hi Prabash,


                    Your question is 2 fold (as I understand).

                    1> How to set up the SFDC -  Marketo framework so it will work as you intended.


                    2> How to get the existing 'duplicates' data in the new framework you set up in 1.


                    Let's talk about 1> first. From my understanding Gregorie explained it very well in his reply on Dec 13, 2015 6:42 AM .


                    SFDC Contact

                    id, email address, first name, last name ........


                    You have a SFDC custom object 'Job'.

                    SFDC Jobs

                    Job_id (unique), SFDC_contact_id (reference to SFDC contact table), job title, job open date ........


                    SFDC Jobs object can have 'n' number of jobs having same contact id.


                    If in SFDC's custom object 'Jobs', two separate jobs get created; namely Software Engineer with jobid 123 and Product Architect with jobid 999 for example. These two job objects have contact details as prabashr@babajob.com separately for both of them. Thus both of these 'jobs' object entries have the 'contact id' of SFDC contact 'prabashr@babajob.com'


                    Then you need to 'replicate' similar setup in Marketo too. Let's say you setup a custom object 'Mkto_Jobs' in Marketo. Lets say, you will have a lead with email address 'prabashr@babajob.com' lets say with id xxxxx.


                    Once you set up the 'custom object sync', these 2 'Jobs' entries will make it to Marketo and be stored in 'Mkto_Jobs' as 2 separate entries. Each of these 'Mkto_Jobs' entries will have 'Marketo lead id' value of xxxxx linking both of them to the 'same' Marketo lead xxxxx.


                    Thus, if you want to send email for any of these jobs, you will use 'send email' to lead xxxxx. In the email, instead of merging {{lead.Job1}} OR {{lead.Job2}}, you will have to write Velocity Email script and get the correct job_id record and print the custom object token as ${Mkto_Jobs.get(0).Job_title}



                    Which gets the 'triggering' object record. I.e. when a new job record is added or modified etc.


                    A couple of months back we did exact similar kind of work and related workflows and there are some other gotcha's you might need to consider. Please feel free to reach out.


                    Once you setup the framework, the merging of the existing data can be taken care of.


                    Hope this helps