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Send Marketo email button on Salesforce Accounts?

Question asked by c25d89058baa668eab2f05ae440e63a95199176f on Dec 10, 2015
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I know the standard "Send Marketo email" button is only available on the lead or contact object in Salesforce which includes the list views as well. We would like to leverage this capability from the Accounts Tab though. E.g. Send a Marketo email to a list of person accounts (Accounts + Contacts). We do not use Contacts, and we don't want to confuse our SFDC users having to send the Mass Email from the Contacts Tab, so really we need to send a Marketo email to a list of accounts, rather than contacts.
I understand in the end I am sending the email to people, therefore, contacts but to generate the list in Salesforce. Understand I can solve many of these things if emails are sent from within marketo. This is for emails that are however not automated and for users that do not have Marketo login access and just send emails from within salesforce.


I am following another discussion that explains how to create this button. We have replicated this functionality from the Account Tab. However, we are facing an issue when we hit the Send Button.


Has anyone achieved this end to end successfully?


Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated!




FYI if you have any ideas Josh Hill

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