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GoToWebinar Credential Question and Landing Pages Not Redirecting

Question asked by Tom Kerlin on Dec 9, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2016 by 040fe67b9c58342544ca99fc51502efa38d00455

Hi everyone,


In process of testing our webinar programs and we're using GoToWebinar.  I activated the 1st child campaign and everything was fine.  Then, after clicking a link in email and registering on the registration landing page, the page didn't take me to the Thank You landing page in internet explorer.  In Chrome, after hitting submit button the Email Unsubscribe Confirmation page displayed. I checked the form and it is set to redirect to Thank You landing page so not sure what is wrong.


As for GoToWebinar-Marketo Adapter setup, was having hard time finding the Event Partners link in Admin area.  Once GoToWebinar is synced, does this go away?  I was told we had already synced so proceeded to step 2 in that process (and maybe that's why I can't find that option anymore).


I appreciate your help! 


Thank you, Tom