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    Getting Leads to Go into the Correct Stream

      I’ve created a nurturing program but can’t seem to get the leads go into the correct stream. I have 5 streams set up and a corresponding smart campaign for each stream to identify the specific link clicked in the first email (i.e. click link A go to stream A, click link B go to stream B, etc.) This is all still in the testing phase as I’m new to Marketo. When I click on link A I’m being put in a different stream, I’ve checked all of the basics to make sure everything corresponds. The links contain what I’m asking Marketo to look for and I’m all out of ideas as to why things aren’t correctly responding to clicks.



      This is how all of my triggers are set up to recognize a link click (I have three of these):

      trigger set up.PNG

      When I clicked on the link that contained "baja" I was put into the stream for people who opened but did not click on a link (see 3rd photo). But the same action for a different link (containing CR) worked and moved the email address to the correct stream.


      I have a trigger set up for those who do not open the email:


      trigger set up 2.PNG


      The email that I used to test this trigger went into the stream  for people who opened but did not click on a link.


      And another set up for those who open but do not click on a link:


      trigger set up 3.PNG


      The email used to test this trigger worked as it was supposed to.


      I have tested this several times in the past few days and don't know what I'm missing, I'm sure it's something simple. Any help is much appreciated!


      I know this is a lot of information and I hope I'm clearly expressing my issue, I tried to be as concise as possible!