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    Best Practices: Snippets

      Hi all! We are trying to refine our marketing programs, landing pages, and emails and one thing we want to try is using Snippets. Does anyone have recommendations for best practices, best use cases, or where they use Snippets in their marketing? Thanks!

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          Josh Hill

          Snippets are particularly useful for boilerplate like email footers or common text items. You can make them dynamic too.

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            Alok Ramsisaria

            We use snippets primarily for 3 use cases:

            • Flexibility with email templates: If you have an email template with different sections, but you do not have content for each section, you can replace it with a blank snippet. Just go in Snipper designer and create a blank snippet. This will make sure that you don't have to delete any section in the email, and layout doesn't break.
            • Universal Sections: Though I mostly recommend using Universal Tokens, but there are cases where we need universal snippets. As an example, the complete footer section for your landing pages or email. You can create that using a snippet in the design studio, and then use this snippet in all the assets you create. This would be helpful when you have to make any edits. You can directly edit and update the snippet, and approve all he associated assets using that snippet.
            • Dynamic Content: You can always use segments in the snippets. This is helpful when you want to create a single footer snippet for all the asset but also show multi-lingual version as per the segment.


            These are some of the use cases. I am sure there would be many more.

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                Justin Norris

                Ashley Ahearn


                I agree with Alok, snippets can be really useful to create a higher level of structure beyond the template level for components that are re-used in multiple templates (global header, global footer etc.)


                Especially as your asset library grows or gets more complicated with different requests and use cases, you want to make it as modular as possible. So with a snippet you could update your footer once in 10 templates covering 500 assets as opposed to updating those 10 templates or (Marketo forbid) in 500 assets one by one...


                Most common use case is the sales rep signature in emails for me. Put tokens into a signature snippet and include in all your "SDR automation" type emails.


                Combine snippets with tokens and the ability to make dynamic by segment and you have a lot of flexibility.

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